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Silverlon® Combat Medic Wound Dressing

Silverlon Catheter Dressings are silver-plated and designed for central venous and intravenous catheters and can be used alternatively for pin site care.

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Sizes and Product Numbers:

3” x 33” - CM-333-Z

Quantity per Box: 1

Directions for use
  • Cleanse wound with sterile water, distilled water, or normal saline removing necrotic debris or eschar as needed per local protocol.
  • Select the dressing size that overlaps the wound margins by 1-2cm.
  • Activate the Silverlon dressing by thoroughly moistening with sterile water, distilled water or normal saline.
  • Position the Silverlon dressing directly over wound, with either silver side in contact with the skin; secure the dressing in place using a secondary dressing per local protocol.
    • For exudating wounds, use an absorbent secondary dressing of choice.
    • For dry wounds, use a moisture donating secondary dressing such as hydrocolloid or pre-moistened foam or gauze.
  • Periodically check the edges of the Silverlon dressing to ensure that it is maintained in a moist condition.
  • Silverlon Wound Contact Dressing, Burn Contact Dressing, Elastic Burn Wrap and Digit Sleeve Dressing may be used for up to 7 days, but may require more frequent changing depending on wound condition and exudate buildup.
  • To remove Silverlon Wound Contact Dressing, Burn Contact Dressing, Elastic Burn Wrap and Digit Sleeve Dressing, first remove the outer secondary dressing per local protocol, and then gently depress surrounding skin while lifting the dressing edges.
    • If sticking of the dressing to the wound occurs, moisten the dressing as needed with sterile water, distilled water or normal saline until it can be easily removed by gently lifting the corners.
Indications for use


Local management of superficial wounds, minor burns, abrasions and lacerations.

Prescription Indications:

Silverlon Wound Contact, Burn Contact Dressings are indicated for use up to 7 days for partial and full thickness wounds including traumatic wounds, surgical wounds (donor and graft sites, incisions), 1st and 2nd degree burns, as well as dermal ulcers (stave I-IV pressure sores, venous stasis ulcers, arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers), vascular access or peripheral IV sites, orthopedic external pin sites and wound drain sites.

Silverlon dressings are indicated for the management of infected wounds, as the silver in the dressing provides an antimicrobial barrier that may be helpful in managing these wounds, in addition, the moist wound healing environment and control of wound bacteria within the Silverlon Dressings may help reduce the risk of wound infection and support the body’s healing process.

Silverlon Wound Contact, burn Contact Dressings may be used for the management of painful wounds. Silverlon Wound Contact, Burn Contact Dressings is a non-adherent wound contact layer that reduces pain during dressing changes and evaporation of moisture in the dressing may sooth the wound.

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