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Maximizing Wound Healing Performance Safely

Anasept is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial cleanser, gel and irrigation solution that breaks down and removes micro-organisms in the wound bed without damaging healthy cells and tissues. Anasept is a noncytotoxic, broad-specturm with no known resistances including multidrug resistant organisms (MDROs).

How Anasept works

The Science Behind Anasept

Anasept Antimicrobial Skin and Wound Cleanser contains a 0.057% broad spectrum antimicrobial agent sodium hypochlorite.


Customer testimonials

“Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin & Wound Gel has proven to be a safe, powerful and cost-effective antimicrobial gel that is much needed in the field of advanced wound management. Across the continuum of care, including hospital inpatients, outpatients and long-term care residents, we have incorporated Anasept into our treatment algorithms as it is a powerful non-cytotoxic, odor-reducing alternative to expensive prescriptions and compounded agents needed to fight tough wound infections.”
Christopher Morrison, MD

MD, FCCWS, FACHM CEO, Nautilus Health Care Group

“I have been using Anasept® Antimicrobial Skin & Wound Gel in my practice (Wound Care and Hyperbarics) for 2 years now. Before Anasept and concomitantly with it I was using many other products (Microcyn®, SilvaSorb™ and several hydrogels), which provided me with an opportunity to compare their efficacy, ease of use, antibacterial and debriding properties. With ever increasing cost of medical treatment the price of the product also deserves serious consideration.”
Andrzej Stypko, MD

Board Certified Surgeon

Clinical Studies

A Comparison of an Antimicrobial Wound Cleanser to Normal Saline in Reduction of Bioburden and its Effect on Wound Healing

Author: Julie Lindfors, RN, CWCCN

Publication: Ostomy/Wound Management

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How effective is your wound cleanser? An evaluation using bacterial fluorescence imaging

Author: Rosemary Hill, BSN CWOCN WOCC ©

Lions Gate Hospital, Vancouver Coastal Health, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Modified Sodium Hypochlorite Wound Cleansing for Chronic Wounds: Focused Clinical Literature Review

Autors: Karen K. Giuliano, RN, PhD1; Bill Richlen PT, WCC, DWC2; & Charlie P. Buscemi, PhD, APRN, CWCN, WOCNF3

1University of Massachusetts Amherst; 2Wound Care Gurus; 3Florida International University. Miami, Fl.

Publication: Florida International University

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The Efficacy of Sodium Hypochlorite Antiseptic: a Double-blind, Randomised Rontrolled Pilot Study

Authors: Thomas E. Serena1, MD, FACS, President and Trustee; Laura Serena1, LPN, Vice-President of Research Operations; Omar Al-Jalodi1, MD, Natrox Wound Care Fellow; Keyur Patel2, DO, Medical Director; Kristy Breisinger1, Research Analyst

1 SerenaGroup Research Foundation, Cambridge, MA, US. 2 SerenaGroup Advanced Wound and Hyperbaric Center, Monroeville, PA, US.

Publication: Journal of Wound Care

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ECMO Care Beyond Decannulation: A Nurse Driven Wound Care Protocol

Authors: Audrey Basic1, Emily Smith1, Jonathon Holte2, Sylvie Baudart3, Jason Smith4

University of California at San Francisco

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Modified Sodium Hypochlorite Anti-microbial Skin and Wound Gel in Difficult to Heal Wounds

Authors: Cassidy Finn, DO, Kristin Connors, NP, Jill Eysaman-Walker, DO, CWSP, ABWMS

Catholic Health Advanced Wound Healing Centers Mt. St. Marys Center for Hyperbarics and Wound Healing Buffalo, Cheektowaga and Lewiston, NY

Publication: Florida International University

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