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Male External Catheter

  • Designed for institutional and hospital use
  • Directs urine away from the skin
  • Replaces diapers, condom, and Foley catheters
  • One size fits most anatomies

About Men’s Liberty Acute

Men’s Liberty™ Acute is a revolutionary solution for male urinary management.
Indwelling catheters increase the risk of infection (In the United States, up to 80% of complicated urinary tract infection are attributable to indwelling urinary catheters36) which lengthens hospital stays and increases costs. Condom catheters can result in leakage, skin breakdown and often lead to problems with sizing. Men’s Liberty Acute directs urine away from the skin and delivers superior performance with leak protection and patient comfort.

Men’s Liberty™ Acute replaces diapers, condom catheters, and when medically unnecessary, Foley catheters. Its seven-petal Faceplate and Faceplate Seal are easy to apply and forms a seal around the urinary meatus for leak protection. The design easily fits most men and is suitable for retracted, circumcised, and uncircumcised anatomies.
Users can expect the first application to last 6-12 hours and the second application to last 24-48 hours.


Men’s Liberty Acute Application Video

15 Seconds for Alcohol to Dry.
15 Seconds for BioPlus+ to Dry.
15 Seconds to apply Men’s Liberty.
Total of 45 Seconds to apply Men’s Liberty Acute.

Watch here to learn how to apply.


Men's Liberty Male External Catheter IFU

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Men's Liberty Acute Clinical Evidence

Decreasing Utilization of Indwelling Urinary Catheters Using Creative Strategies

Authors: Jeannine W.C. Blake, PhD RN1, Ellie Milo, DNP RN CENP NEA-BC2, Robert Garcia, BS, MT(ASCP), CIC, FAPIC3

Christus Santa Rosa Hospital

Publication: Elaine Mareib Center for Nursing and Engineering Innovation, University of Massachusetts Amherst; Chief Nursing Officer, Christus Santa Rosa Westover Hillss; Enhanced Epidemiology LLC

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