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Silverlon® Acute Burn Gloves

Open-finger, oversized gloves are ideal for use immediate after acute injury or post-surgery. Providing for quick and easy application to fingers and hand, they allow for immediate, easy range of motion. Offered in 6 sizes to fit virtually any hand, they are designed to be 20% oversized to allow for soft tissue swelling and to make for easy removal without sheering of fragile STSGs (Split Thickness Skin Grafts).

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Sizes and Product Numbers:

Extra Small - ABG-01XS

Small - ABG-01

Medium - ABG-01M

Large - ABG-01L

Extra Large - ABG-01XL

Extra Extra Large - ABG-01XXL

Quantity per Box: 1

Directions for use
  • Cleanse the wound with sterile water, distilled water, or normal saline removing necrotic debris or eschar as needed per local protocol.
  • Select the Silverlon Acute Burn Glove Dressing size that best covers the hand and makes light contact with the skin. The glove fingers may be trimmed to fit (or folded over and the end secured) per local protocols.
  • Activate Silverlon Acute Burn Glove Dressing by thoroughly moistening it with sterile water, distilled water or normal saline.
  • Gently slide the hand into the glove and secure the glove in position with an outer secondary dressing (i.e. gauze wrap, tubular stretch knit bandage or other compression wrap dressing) per local protocol.
    • It is recommended to use a moisture-donating outer dressing such as hydrocolloid or pre-moistened foam or gauze.
    • Wrap and secure the outer secondary dressing as per local protocol.
  • Silverlon Acute Burn Glove Dressing may be worn while bathing/showering, although the outer secondary dressing should be removed first.
  • Silverlon Acute Burn Glove Dressing is intended for use for up to 7 days.
  • To remove Silverlon Acute Burn Glove Dressing to enable wound inspection and clinical attention, first remove and discard the outer secondary dressing, then soak the hand encased in Silverlon Acute Burn Dressing in room temperature sterile water, distilled water, or normal saline for 5-15 minutes.
    • Next, gently remove Silverlon Acute Burn Dressing.
    • If the dressing sticks to the skin or wound during removal, repeat soaking until it can be easily removed.
Indications for use

Silverlon Acute Burn Glove Dressing is a professional use wound dressing intended for local management of the following types of hand wounds:

  • 1st and 2nd degree burns
  • Donor and graft site wounds
  • Traumatic and surgical wounds
  • Infected Wounds*

*Silverlon Acute Burn Glove Dressing may be used on those infected wound types listed above. Where used on infected wounds, the infection should be treated as per local clinical protocol.

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